Mount Union Football Coaches Dress Up As WWE Superstars And Yes There’s A Stone Cold Stunner

From the first bell of The Undertaker’s music, to quoting the Road Dogg Jesse James, to Stone Cold pounding beers and giving some poor fool a picture perfect Stunner… this may be the greatest thing to ever happen on the turf at Mount Union Stadium and that’s saying something.

I found myself reciting the New Age Outlaws speech but I think it’s safe to say Stone Cold stole the show:



The “Alliance Rattlesnake,” if you will.

PS- I know this blog has a pretty large Mount Union following and I’m kind of embarrassed that no one sent this in

PPS- It’s gotta be so disheartening for the other members of the OAC to see this happen at a Mount practice and know they’re still going to lose by 50


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