Mishmash- Manziel hits up A&M bar Friday night; Bernie wants to turn the Browns around; Werewolf cats; Amazing fake FG

Cleveland pic of the day


Johnny Manziel was in College Station over the weekend and he hit up Chimy’s on Friday night (the bar where he bought everyone a beer and a shot when he was drafted by the Browns)


Bernie Kosar offers his services to the Browns and says if he can’t build a competitive team in 2 years then he’ll fire himself


Cam Newton took a Green Bay Packers fan’s banner and destroyed it


Policeman gives an elderly homeless man some new socks and shoes 


Dickhead McDonald’s worker tricks a homeless man into thinking he’s getting a free burger


The best fake field goal you’ll ever see


There’s a breed of cats that look like werewolves and act like dogs



Denver’s Von Miller may have put his knee into the throat of a Colts player


Eagles fan gets knocked out by Cowboys fan

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