Headline: Quarterback Of The Best Team In The Country Is Calm & Polite During His Arrest

What? No juicy headline to get your blood flowing? Sorry. Here you go:





So when I saw all of these tweets and headlines earlier in the day I thought to myself “Damn, not a good look for JT to pull the ‘Do you know who I am’ card.”

But then I got home and found the video of the arrest (click there because I’m incompetent and don’t know how to embed a TMZ video).

So I watched it…That’s it?

With everything I read earlier today I expected a belligerent dude screaming at a police officer. I expected to see someone who thought he was invincible talking down to the CPD telling them things like “You can’t arrest me, I’m the quarterback at Ohio State!”

But nope. All we got was a 20 year old guy fully cooperating with police officers in probably one of the lowest moments of his life. So he told the officers that he was QB1 for the Buckeyes, you wouldn’t do that either? If I was 20 years old and the face of the #1 team in the country you bet that’d the first thing out of my mouth if a cop asked me anything.

“Sir do you know why I pulled you over?”

“QB1, Ohio State Buckeyes.”

To criticize someone for that is just dumb. It’s like using an FOP card on steroids. If any of us could pull that card we would. People always say things to get out of tickets; girls cry, guys say they have to take a shit. It’s nothing new. Sorry he didn’t want to go to jail?

Also, that cop laughing about Cardale coming to pick JT up was kind of a dickish move.

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