You’ll be able to stream live Indians games next year


From Forbes:

“As part of the quarterly owners meetings in Dallas, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the league and FOX have reached a 3-year deal to provide games streamed in-market to computers and mobile devices. The deal encompasses 15 regional sports networks. The following teams that have rights deals with FOX Sports RSNs that will be streamed in-market in 2016:

-Atlanta Braves
-Cincinnati Reds
-Cleveland Indians
-Texas Rangers
-Detroit Tigers
-Kansas City Royals
-Los Angeles Angels
-Miami Marlins
-Milwaukee Brewers
-Minnesota Twins
-New York Yankees
-Arizona Diamondbacks
-San Diego Padres
-St. Louis Cardinals
-Tampa Bay Rays

Those that have ditched their televisions in favor of going with just internet content will be in a lurch if they wish to take advantage of getting games in their local markets. Users will need get the games streamed through FOX Sports Go, or FOX distribution points online. Like the MLB All-Star Game, users will have to authenticate to show which FOX regional sports network is part of their TV carrier’s package. Games will not be streamed as part of MLB.TV Premium, which includes the league’s popular At Bat for mobile devices.”

This is great great great great news for people who have decided to cut cable like myself (it actually starts this weekend for me and I’m absolutely terrified.) Play the password exchange game with your friends and family to get yourself a TWC, DirecTV or whatever login and you’re golden for Cleveland sports. The Cavs already stream on Fox Sports Go, and if you absolutely insist on having as shitty a Sunday as possible, you can get the Browns over the air with an antenna. I really wish the MLB deal was through so I could overlay Hammy while watching but beggars can’t be choosers I guess. I just really don’t want to miss him call Puig’s first bat flip.



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