(VIDEO) Watch the Cavs crush their 70’s night introduction video

I stumbled on some tickets just before tip last night and sat down pretty much right when the lights dimmed…I would have never forgiven myself if I missed intros. I could watch this all day. All. Day. The Cavs spare no expense on 70’s throwback night, I’ll tell you that much. They did it RIGHT. From the moment I walked into the Q I felt like I was in Flint, Michigan ready to cheer on the Tropics on to fourth place. Real quick on that:

  • Vakidis = Mozgov, obviously (“God damnit Vakidis! Learn fuckin’ English!”
  • Downtown Funkystuff Malone/Coffee Black/Clarence Withers = JR Smith
  • Scootsie Double Day = Mo Williams
  • Twiggy Munson = Andy Varejao
  • Dick Pepperfield = Fred McLeod
  • Dewie the bear = Vacant. Formerly Perk
    • Side note – did NOT know Dewie actually killed someone in real life. Cover your sodas. Dewie loves sugar.

Along with the intro video they played some hilarious stuff during timeouts and in between quarters. Hopefully they release some of that too because you can’t call yourself a Cavs fan until you’ve seen Delly perform Kung Fu Fighting.

Anyway, here are some highlights:


Look how excited JR is


Shump was ALL OVER 70’s night


Andy Varejao, just happy to be here.


If Usher and John Legend had a baby and that baby was actually their father from the 70’s


Tristan stays boxing out



Again, Andy’s just happy to be here


Maybe we do have a Dewie



PS Whaddup LeFunky

UPDATE: Behind the scenes video, narrated by Mo Williams

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