God Bless Whoever Gets Hired As The New Browns Social Media Coordinator

From Teamwork Online


If there’s a more thankless job in America tell me what it is so I can call you a liar. No person doing their job that I can think of gets more unwarranted  hate thrown their way than the person who runs the Cleveland Browns Twitter account. It doesn’t matter what’s said or when it’s said, there will always be mad fans sending tweets to the Browns during a losing season.

I know I couldn’t do that job. I got murdered on Twitter over the weekend for saying a Jay Z song was better than a Biggie song and I still haven’t fully recovered. I couldn’t do a job with all the “fuck you’s” and smartass comments that account receives daily. Some are usually funny but most are just dumb.

The dumb people are the people who actually think by tweeting or complaining about the Browns to the official Twitter account will somehow make them play better on the field or their comments will specifically shown to Ray Farmer or Jimmy Haslam. Like “hey, I’m pissed off we’re losing, lemme send a mean tweet to @Browns. That’ll show ’em how serious I really am!!” I don’t think people realize there’s just some sad miserable soul at the other side of that account reading every response who has absolutely nothing to do with what goes on in Berea.

This is also a big loss for the people who go “Well that intern just got fired” if a team’s social media account screws something up. Gotta have that 4 year college degree if you want to send out tweets from @Browns. Newsflash- Twitter/Facebook/Instagram are the best platforms to connect with fans. Do you really think some slapdick intern is going to be in charge of social media accounts for a $1.5 billion professional franchise? There are a TON of responsibilities for the person who has this job.

I know I couldn’t do it. God bless whoever gets hired.

PS- Does anyone want to run the Bottlegate Instagram account? There’s one set up but right now it kind of sucks and rarely gets updated. We’re really missing out on everything that happens on the ‘Gram. You will be compensated in t-shirts and koozies. Send a Twitter DM if you’re interested.

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