WATCH LeBron Scream To Kyrie Irving ” That’s what the f*ck you do!! That’s what the f*ck you do!!

If you were lucky enough to watch Kyrie Irving last night in the 4th quarter of the Cavs-Wizards game, you know that you watched something special. The dude was making every shot imaginable. Drives, step back jumpers off the dribble, threes… he was NBA Jam On Fire in the 4th, going on a 10-0 run by himself (for either team) while dropping 19 points in the quarter. After around his 8th point in the quarter, I just found myself laughing after every shot he made.

After one of Kyrie’s baskets, the Wizards called a timeout (because they were helpless and defeated) and thankfully FSO’s cameras were pointed to the Cavs bench and caught LeBron giving Kyrie some words of encouragement. Encouragement being “THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK YOU DO! THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK YOU DO!


Nearly jumped out my window when I saw LeBron getting that pumped up for his teammate.

On to Minnesota.

Also here’s your 30 second highlight reel from last night.

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