Whoever runs the Indians Facebook page is having themself a day

I know, I don’t really go on Facebook anymore either, so s/o to our friend @JL_Baseball for (unintentionally) tipping us off to this via Twitter.

It started when the team posted an article from MLB.com’s Anthony Castrovince. In it, he lists 5 teams who have quietly had good winters so far, and the Indians are numero uno. The comments section….did not agree.


They cite this article more than a few times, though I’m sure none of these scholars clicked it. The whole headline is, “MLB teams continue to spend, despite evidence that it does not help them win.”


I make this argument all the time too. There are multiple ways to improve your chances of winning a baseball game. Score more runs, or prevent the other team from scoring more runs. Sure, power bats help one of those strategies. But that’s not the strategy this particular team implements. And neither have any of the recent teams that have made it to the World Series.fb2



Boom. Roasted.




This this THIS, times one thousand million. Challenge yourself to get past the accepted narrative about our team. There’s not a lazier group of fans in the city of Cleveland, maybe in professional sports, than the “Dolans are cheap” crowd. Have a thought process, back it up with facts, I’ll listen to you all day. I love having those conversations. But I throw up in my mouth every time someone complains about the Dolans not opening their wallets, period, end of argument. Put some work into forming an actual informed opinion. Bet it ends up being a different one.




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