VIDEO: Dion Waiters averagely dunks, “raises the roof” like LeBron

(h/t /u/Splash2ndcousin)

“Waiters with 16 points, almost ten less than what LeBron James averages per game…he dribbles the ball up the floor with his team up by 24…probably carries…blows right by the lackluster on-ball defense…avoids the nonexistent help defense with a direct path right to the hoop and THROWS DOWN THE MOST AVERAGE DUNK I’VE EVER SEEN. With mall cop authority!”

Smh. That roof was knocked down a few pegs, if anything.

Apparently this ain’t his first roof-raising rodeo this season. From back on November 23rd:

(also /u/Splash2ndcousin)

That was his 6th and 7th points of the night. He would end with (a LeBron James season low of) 12.


PS As always…the good, the bad and the ugly over on Reddit



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