Good Luck Covering Braxton Miller Because You Can’t.

While down at the Senior Bowl the past couple days, it seems as though Braxton Miller (who has only been a wide receiver for less than a year) is tearing it up. All the scouts and NFL guys are raving about him:

The highlights:

NSFW because you’ll see DB’s die.

Good Lord. I know we can’t judge a football player’s potential just in one on one drills but… things are looking bright for #5. IF he gets drafted into the right organization with the right players and coaches around him, I think he has a really good chance to be a special player in this league. Yes I’m a huge Buckeye homer but he honestly might be the best athlete in this year’s draft.

All these videos do is prove how underutilized Braxton was in the OSU offense this season (even though some of that probably had to do with him only being a receiver for a few months).

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