VIDEO: No One On The Cavs Wants To Be Mozgov’s Roommate On The Road

Mozgov the least desirable roommate on the road? Yeah, I can see that. Sounds about right. Facetiming in Russian, listening to loud Russian rap, being 7’1, messy as hell… I wouldn’t want to room with Mozzy either.

But if we’re being honest that doesn’t even really sound that bad for another roommate. Not flushing after they take a dump; playing loud music while you’re tying to take a mid day nap; barging into the room when there’s a sock on the door; eating your food in the fridge; not paying bills & rent on time… now THOSE are all signs of a bad roommate. (I get a check mark for all 5)

So what, Timo is tall and listens to his “back home music,” is that really that bad? Just put in some earplugs and go to bed, we’ve got a title to win.

Best part was at 0:58 with Love saying “but you’d be well protected.”

PS- It’s kind of an upset that JR didn’t win this, right?


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