Kansas City Royals combine Epilepsy Awareness Night with fireworks show

From nydailynews.com:


The Kansas City Royals are hosting Epilepsy Awareness Night on August 5 — the same evening they’re planning a massive fireworks display.

The World Series champions have Summer Fireworks scheduled after all Friday home games, but clearly the team needs to rethink their game plan.”

Well that’s one way to do it.

No better way to raise awareness for a disease than trying to get as many people who suffer from it in a single location, then do something that is a well-known trigger for it. That’s what I always say.

Our investigative team here at Bottlegate managed to round up some of the other ideas that apparently didn’t make it past the Royals Marketing Team’s cutting room floor:

  • Obesity Awareness Night featuring dollar hot dogs
  • Anti-Bullying Night, first 1,000 fans get free mini bat
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Night, first beer free with purchase of ticket
  • Throwing out the first pitch at Bark at the Park night – Michael Vick
  • Hypochondria Awareness Night with promotional medical kit giveaway
  • Kids Run the Bases presented by Subway
  • Here to perform the National Anthem on Prostate Cancer Awareness Night, Kanye West!
  • Lucky to have NFL Broadcaster Phil Simms here in the booth with us on Deaf Awareness Night
  • Native American Heritage night at Progressive Field

And before I could post this puppy, the Royals decided they would rather their fans not be aware of epilepsy.


The Internet always wins.


PS Their new spring training caps are a lot cooler than having Epilepsy Awareness Night on a fireworks night

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