I Went To The Donald Trump Rally In Cleveland, Didn’t Die, And Made A Video


Went to the Trump rally in Cleveland on Saturday and somehow someway I actually survived it. Crazy, right? If you read Twitter or watch the news you’d actually think I was heading to the front line in Afghanistan but sadly that wasn’t the case.

Couple things:

  • Putting a Young Jeezy song over footage of the Trump rally was too good to pass up
  • Being at the IX Center brought back some great memories of going to the IX Indoor Amusement Park as a kid
  • 97% of your time at political rallies will be spent standing around
  • There were a few protesters who were actually pretty bad at protesting. If you have to read off of a paper and no one can understand you or hear a word you’re saying then you’re just a terrible protester. Go back and brush up on your game a little and read some Protesting 101 books… Or just stay home like a normal person (you can see them at the 2:50 mark)
  • This was definitely one of the weirder group of people I’ve seen gathered in one place: Rednecks, ladies with oxygen tubes, frat bros who’ll chant U-S-A at every chance they get, a guy with an eye patch, dudes in Green Bay Packers jerseys, hot republican girls, wealthy old guys… but most of the people I think were pretty normal. I think.
  •  One day I hope to do anything as well as Trump works a room
  • At one point I wished they had served beer, in hindsight it’s probably a good idea that they didn’t

My ride or die chick


Stood behind the coolest bro on the planet


Knew I was in for a fun day as soon as I saw this sign


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