Tom Hamilton delivered on his first home run call of 2016

(h/t with a capital H to Youtube user JLTRAIN233)

Sweet onion chicken teryaki did I miss that.

Other thoughts from yesterday…

  • I picture Mike Napoli at bats in my head when I try to fall asleep at night now. Slow, calculated, patient. Like watching a bearded ballerina.
  • Carlos Santana carried his bangin’ spring right into the regular season. Gotta seriously consider trying him in the 2 hole again when Brantley comes back. Gets on base more than anybody, you’d think you want to maximize his plate appearances. For everyone that wanted him traded over the winter/wants him traded by the deadline, I have a Joni Mitchell song I’d like you to listen to.
  • I loved the red socks/undershirts underneath the navy jerseys last year, love them underneath the whites this year even more. Maybe the whole “breaking news” that really broke two years ago about Wahoo being the secondary logo was a calculated move,  and the callback to the 90s with the red undershirts was meant to mitigate the damage with Wahoo apologists. Or maybe they just realized it looks goddamn fabulous.
  • I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that David Ortiz is going to hit a home run every single time he steps up to the plate
  • Jose Ramirez helmet fly offs is going to be a fun game to play for about a month (cc: @DidJRAMLoseit)
  • Lot of hard hit balls last night. Jackie Bradley is incredible in center. We weren’t barreling balls up like this last April.
  • Tyler Naquin struck out in his only at bat on “Opening Day.” Came back last night 1-2 and scored a run. This misplay in center was a part of the disastrous 6th.

He’ll be fine. It might take a few more games, but he’ll be fine.

  • Cool story from Clevescene about the notorious red-faced Wahoo supporter who got in the face of Native American protesters on Opening Day two years ago
  • Lord help me if they wait to call tonight’s game until after I get downtown


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