Mishmash- Teacher fired after twerking on Spring Break; New Suicide Squad trailer; Guy scares off bear by telling it to F off

Cleveland pic of the day

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. 📷🌆Clevelandgram Feature🌆📷 ____________________________________ For us, this city is a bright spot on the map. Whether home, adopted home, or a favorite place to visit, we shout it out here! Thanks for your continued support #cleveland – let's keep the #CLE shining brightly – together! This feature shot is from ⭐️ @shannongetslost ⭐️ Please go check out her gallery and show some love! ____________________________________ Photo selected by: @mattboh Just a reminder, for a chance to be featured, follow @clevelandgram as well as tag your photos with #clevelandgram or #humansofcleveland. Direct message us for guest moderator features. Please note, we cannot see posts from private accounts. Thank You from the guys that show off #TheLand

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Here’s the new Suicide Squad trailer that was shown during the MTV Movie Awards last night


Blue Jays fan taunts Pablo Sandoval with a huge belt during his at bat after Pablo snapped his last game


Guy scares off a bear by screaming and yelling “fuck off!” at it


Burger King employees smash out windows because of a gas explosion prank. This is 100% worth $15 an hour.


Teacher forced to resign from her teaching job because a video of her twerking on Spring Break emerges. This is probably the tamest Spring Break video I’ve ever seen to be honest.


Nike released a pretty cool tribute video of other Nike athletes talking about Kobe Bryant


Big fan of this “Lion King Cam” at Denver Nuggets games

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