Mishmash- Man pours boiling water on coworker’s head; Manziel trashes house with coke and shrooms; Liquid fart spray

Cleveland pic of the day


Johnny Manziel and co. recently trashed a rental house and left remnants of shrooms and cocaine


Georgia man arrested for spraying liquid fart spray inside a bar. And sprayed it in a woman’s face. Can’t do that, man. We live in a society.


I’ve never played ultimate frisbee before but I know this score was pretty awesome


Man pours boiling water on coworkers head because that coworker took his wife’s hot dog and ate it


Chimp escapes a Japanese zoo and really really does not want to get caught. Holy shit.


Pretty cool video- Villanova basketball players surprise a 4 year old with Cancer. I’m not crying, you’re crying.


Kobe refused to sign Nick Young’s Adidas shoes and tossed them in the trash

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