Mishmash- Lingerie football player chugs beer, starts brawl; Eagles fan freakout; Parents little league fight

Cleveland pic of the day

Lingerie football player chugs beer on the field during a celebration… promptly leads to a brawl between the two teams

Chyna died

Here’s what happens when you mix 19 liters of Dr. Pepper and 40 Mentos (also there’s a good chance this is fake but it’s being spread around the Internet so judge for yourself)

Jennifer Aniston is named People’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2016

Our favorite Eagles fan EDP went a little nuts after the Eagles-Browns trade yesterday (very NSFW language if you care about that sort of stuff)

2 adults get into a fight during a youth baseball game in Florida. In Florida. Shocker.

Thoughts and prayers to the Atlanta Hawks mascot’s nuts


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