Cavs v Pistons Game 2 Highlight Reel (Kanye Mix) Plus Other Quick Thoughts

Couple thoughts:

-Stanley Johnson needs to relax.

-After LeBron threw that 1 handed pass to Love for the corner 3 he started running back on defense (1:10 in the vid). Love made it so we won’t hear everyone talk about this play like they did when LeBron did this in game 1 on Kyrie’s miss.

-Record for most 3s in a playoff game in NBA history? Is that good? Did they break it?

-Kevin Love with a nice quiet 16 & 10

-I say this is the nicest way possible because I’m a Mozgov apologist but every time Timo gets minutes I want to throw up.

-RICHARD JEFFERSON AND DELLY WERE BOTH A +25! Richard Jefferson +25 in a playoff game? What?

-The Pistons are way overmatched against the Cavs but I respect the way they play. Except Marcus Morris. He stinks on ice.

-Drummond, man. Shoot free throws underhanded or something.

-Be saltier, Stan. Be saltier.

-I like this pic

2-0. We’re on to Detroit.

One thought on “Cavs v Pistons Game 2 Highlight Reel (Kanye Mix) Plus Other Quick Thoughts”

  1. As someone who has made compilation videos like this before I know how much time and work it takes. I enjoy these, keep up the good work.


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