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Video: Kyrie Irving Waves Goodbye To Detroit Fans After The Cavs Sweep The Pistons

I think the kids these days refer to this as “savage.”

And Kyrie just guaranteed he gets booed every time he touches the ball when the Cavs play in Detroit in the future.

Great opening round from Kyrie. Leading scorer for the Cavs this series with 27.5 ppg and 47% from three? If Kyrie keeps that up you can book your tickets to the NBA Finals in June right now. This was the second time in his career that LeBron wasn’t the leading scorer for his team in a playoff series. Now the Cavs get some time off before the next series with Boston or Atlanta.

I’ll try and have the highlight reel done later today so sit tight.

Cavs v Pistons Game 2 Highlight Reel (Kanye Mix) Plus Other Quick Thoughts

Couple thoughts:

-Stanley Johnson needs to relax.

-After LeBron threw that 1 handed pass to Love for the corner 3 he started running back on defense (1:10 in the vid). Love made it so we won’t hear everyone talk about this play like they did when LeBron did this in game 1 on Kyrie’s miss.

-Record for most 3s in a playoff game in NBA history? Is that good? Did they break it?

-Kevin Love with a nice quiet 16 & 10

-I say this is the nicest way possible because I’m a Mozgov apologist but every time Timo gets minutes I want to throw up.

-RICHARD JEFFERSON AND DELLY WERE BOTH A +25! Richard Jefferson +25 in a playoff game? What?

-The Pistons are way overmatched against the Cavs but I respect the way they play. Except Marcus Morris. He stinks on ice.

-Drummond, man. Shoot free throws underhanded or something.

-Be saltier, Stan. Be saltier.

-I like this pic

2-0. We’re on to Detroit.

Cavs vs Pistons Game 1 Highlight Reel (Tiesto Mix)

Nice win for the Cavs to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Don’t care if they win by 1 point or 100 points. Survive and advance, style points don’t matter. 1 down 16 to go.


Clips via NBA, Cavs, The Cauldron, Bleacher Report

Music via Tiesto & The Chainsmokers

Also. Had some Kanye lined up but YouTube and UMG are a bunch of haters I guess