VIDEO: Young Warriors fan will get you as close to hating a kid as possible

Cute kid. Likes sports, pretty well spoken, a little conviction behind his words. Good in front of the camera.

…are all things I would say if he wasn’t wearing that blasphemous jersey.

It started out okay, although I have to admit I’ve never heard anyone cite “what LeBron James does” as a reason a team he plays for would lose, but I chalked it up to a little camera jitters. And I even gave him a little credit for predicting the series would go 5 games instead of a sweep. Or so I thought.

“So you’re saying Golden State four wins, the Cavs one win.”

“Maybe, yes.”

Well THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the pity win, Brock. I feel like he meant to predict a sweep but accidentally said 5 games instead of 4 because, well, he’s a kid. Gotta keep reminding myself of that.

Steph MVP pick. Bleh. Predictable.

And now is the portion of the program where kids talk smack about LeBron James.

“Just like last year when the same teams were in the championship, LeBron James is gonna, just, every time that he shoots a shot, he might make one or two of them but he’s just going to fly back and make the refs think that they fouled him, but Steph Curry is going to be making all of them fairly.”

“So you’re trying to say LeBron James is a flopper?”


“Do you think that he’ll have any complaints about the refs any time he doesn’t get the call?”

“Um, yes.”


Is he trying to capitalize on a certain vacancy created on a certain television show by the recent news of a certain ESPN employee leaving at the end of his contract? You tell me.

I will give him some credit though. There was absolutely no mincing of words when presenting his opinion of LeBron.

Pretty cool dad move here too, I know I would have been ecstatic as a kid if my dad interviewed me and put it on the internet. But he’s probably a Warriors fan too so I hope he wakes up and stubs his left big toe every morning for the next two and a half weeks.



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