After Dropping 41 Points In An NBA Finals Game, Kyrie Is Joyriding Around Town In A Dune Buggy

How would you celebrate after dropping 41 points and putting on one of the most dazzling offensive performances in NBA Finals history? OF COURSE you’d go joyriding around in a dune buggy. Of course. Maybe hit up some trails in the woods or go mudding.

So LeBron dropped 41 and probably got into his Kia Optima. Kyrie drops 41 and gets into his… dune buggy? I don’t understand it, man, but I like it. Our superstars don’t need Lambos or Ferrari. They rock off road vehicles and affordable mid size sedans.

2 more wins in this series and my vote is that Kyrie drives this thing up and down East 9th during the parade.

pic via @MaxHerron

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