LeBron & Larry O’Brien caught on the Kiss Cam at the Indians game last night

(header pic via @ThunderTreats)

I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t kick Larry out of bed for eating crackers. He’s absolutely stunning. Good for you, Bron.

After another comeback win in the late innings against the Tampa Bay Rays last night, the Indians are now 1-0 representing a city of World Champions. No shot they were losing that game. Something seriously special is in the air around Gateway right now.

The Tribe has done a pretty great job embracing and rooting for their neighbors these past couple weeks. Hoping to see something like the Blackhawks did at Wrigley last year and have the Cavs take the trophy for a victory lap around the field before first pitch one of these nights. A layup of a sellout if you’re the Indians.


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