Mishmash- Obama tells JR to put a shirt on; McConaughey wants True Detective 3?; ESPN trolls Steph; Tyrion on a scooter

Cleveland pic of the day

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. šŸ“·šŸŒ†Clevelandgram FeaturešŸŒ†šŸ“· ____________________________________ This city is second to none, and last night we proved that we don't quit, and we don't give up. It's going to be a battle this weekend, as the Cavs look to win the series and bring home a championship, and as the Indians look to jump ahead of the division. It's a great time to be a Clevelander and it's going to be a great weekend! Go Cavs and go Tribe! Check out this shot of the skyline showcasing some of our city's unique beauty by šŸ‘‰ @pmfriery šŸ‘ˆ Please go check out his gallery and show some love! ____________________________________ Photo selected by: @rhand Follow and tag #clevelandgram or #humansofcleveland for a chance to be featured! Direct message us for guest moderator features. Please note, we cannot see posts from private accounts. Thank You! #cleveland #ohio #cle #216 #theland #allin216 #dtcle #thisiscle #believeland #clevelandohio

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Here’s a stuffed burger with a seatbelt

I feel like ESPN may have forgotten a certain mouthpiece chewing player from California

The Rock just announced he’s starting a YouTube channel. This isn’t really big news but it’s The Rock and he’s the best actor in America.

Kevin Durant shows no mercy to the kids at his basketball camp

President Obama called to wish Tyronn Lue congrats and he also told JR Smith an co. to put some damn shirts on

Here’s Tyrion Lannister riding a scooter

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner clotheslined the shit out of a pierogi at a Pittsburgh Pirates game

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RKO out of nowhere!

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Matthew McConaughey wants to be Rust Cohle again in a True Detective 3

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