Bird poops on ice cream cone. Woman unknowingly eats it

Whoops! That’ll end your precious little vacation pretty damn quick, huh? My main takeaways:

1. The guy filming that allowed her to eat the poop is 100% the biggest asshole of 2014. That’s a crime punishable by death.

2. Always have your head on a swivel when you’re eating ice cream outside. Can never be too careful.

3. Having a bird poop on you is one of nature’s cruelest jokes. Wouldn’t be surprised if after this happened, the couple just packed up their belongings and ended their vacation right then and there. Can’t have the constant threat of being shit on in the back of your mind while you’re laying on the beach.


4. This is the biggest asshole YouTube comment I’ve seen in some time.


Hey Ivo, how about I stick to eating my processed food and drinking caffeine everyday and you can literally go eat shit everyday. We’ll come back in a month and see who’s happier.

5. There’s a 75% chance this video is fake but it made me laugh so I couldn’t not post it.

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