Mishmash- Veteran goes OFF on Pokemon players at Memorial; Richard Jefferson tells story of fighting Kenyon Martin; Harambe is polling well

Cleveland pic of the day

A veteran went off on Pokemon Go players at Memorial Park

Richard Jefferson talked about a fight he had with former Nets teammate Kenyon Martin

Some people would rather vote for the dead gorilla Harambe than Hillary or Trump and I don’t really blame them


A 90 year old woman was missing from her nursing home but was later found dead in a pond after being killed by an alligator

A guy caught a burglar at his house, caught him, tied his hands around his back, duct taped his mouth, and tied him around a tree… but then the burglar died

Chris Paul bet Michael Jordan that if he missed 3 shots, the entire camp would get free shoes. He didn’t miss 1 shot.


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