The #PartyAtNapolis has found its way to Napoli’s bat, Andrew Miller

Even with a couple more hours to go until the MLB Trade Deadline, it’s already been a huge 24 hours for the Cleveland Indians.

It’s been an even huger 24 hours for the #PartyAtNapolis.

First, our gracious host left the yard for the 24th time this season in the 3rd inning of an 8-0 rout of the Oakland Athletics yesterday afternoon.

Pretty cool. Even cooler if you take a look at the engraving on the bat he was using to hit it:

Then last night, when our new bullpen buzzsaw arrived to join the team in Cleveland, he immediately noticed the smell of Fireball, Copenhagen straight and ladies perfume:

Lace up the drinking boots, Andrew. It’s gonna be a bender till November.


PS Just noticed Nap’s header photo on Twitter is Dorn and Lou.


Ask the man what he wants to make in 2017 then double it.

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