Mishmash- Lion really wants to eat a kid on live TV; Armenian weightlifter’s arms almost snaps off; Nachos to the face

Cleveland pic of the day

Here’s LSU’s Leonard Fournette slap boxing a teammate

If you’re going to be a bad battle rapper, you shouldn’t insult people in the crowd or you might get knocked out

This year’s Olympic team vs. the 92 Dream Team. Who ya got? I’m saying Dream Team by 12.

An Armenian weightlifter had quite this mishap at last night’s Olympics. This is graphic and you might not want to watch it.

This mother is wayyyy too calm as a lion tries to eat her daughter on live TV

Here’s Marshawn Lynch little brother following in BeastMode’s footsteps

Ghostbusters 2 probably won’t be happening because the most recent one is going to lose too much money

Don’t try and catch a foul ball at a baseball game if you’re holding nachos

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