Mishmash- The Dragon Lady is looking hot; Chipotle delivery drones; Mom married son, divorced him, then married her daughter

Cleveland pic of the day



Marshawn Lynch may be unretiring by week 4

The Amanda Knox Netflix documentary might be a must watch. Guarantee it’ll be better than The Night Of.

Chipotle will start testing delivery drones next week!

A murder suspect in Vegas slipped out of his handcuffs and crawled into the ceiling. Nice Zeke jersey too

Skateboarding at almost 90 mph is pretty pretty ballsy

A mom who married her son got divorced from him and then married her daughter in Oklahoma last March. The mom and daughter were just recently arrested.

I think the umpires made the right call here during yesterday’s Indians game

A bunch of kids dressed up as Faux Bo Pelini for their yearbook

MM class picture

Image result for faux bo

Super Troopers 2 has officially started filming

A San Antonio mattress store reenacted 9/11 with mattresses. Sigh. 

90’s song of the day


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