Mishmash- Girls attempt to eat the world’s hottest pepper; Spoons out for Harambe; Sniper kills 4 ISIS terrorists with 1 bullet

Cleveland pic of the day

Some girls tried to eat the hottest peppers in the world and this is the funniest/most ridiculous video I’ve seen in awhile. Need an update on how they’re doing now.

This is the WWE apparently mocking CM Punk and his UFC debut Saturday night

Spoons out for Harambe might be the best pregame chant we’ll see this season


This might be the catch of the year from South Dakota’s tight end

A junior college lineman was arrested after he punched and knocked out a referee during a game

A sniperĀ ‘killed FOUR ISIS terrorists with single bullet as they prepared to execute hostages with flamethrower’

A couple guys got drunk and decided to fight each other with some oars. Just boys being boys.

Nick Saban went berserk on Lane Kiffin when his team was up 28 points with under a minute left in the game

90’s song of the day

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