Mishmash- Woman pays $400 to rescue choking goldfish; Bully rugby kid; Enormous Pitbull pups; Harlan call w/video

Cleveland pic of the day

South Park returns tonight and here’s the teaser of the first episode

Marshawn Lynch on Bear Grylls was pretty good

The largest pitbull in the world, Hulk the Pitbull, had puppies and guess what, they’re enormous too.

For refernece, this is Hulk:

And these are his puppies

This video of this huge 8 year old playing and dominating rugby is going viral. I think the league might need a new weight limit

Guy catches a shark but then that shark catches an even bigger shark

An Australian woman paid almost $400 to save her pet goldfish from choking on a pebble

The Kevin Harlan call of the drunk guy running on the field got synced with the video and it’s even better


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