Bottlegate’s Week 2 Top 10 College Football Teams And The Top Heisman Hopefuls

Last Saturday’s slate of games was pretty terrible overall so a lot of the shakeup in the top 10 is mostly because I was bored and a lot of teams underperformed vs vastly inferior teams.

Let’s go


10. Arkansas

Going on the road and beating a good TCU team in double overtime was one of the better wins of the weekend. I don’t expect the Razorbacks to be here long but if they can beat Texas A&M in 2 weeks then they might be for real.

Next up vs Texas State


9. Tennessee

Yes they needed overtime to beat App State in week one but that was an absolute decimation of Virginia Tech at the Battle At Bristol. Plus Tennessee gave us this classic video which instantly catapults them into the top 10

Image result for the battle at bristol


8. Clemson

Kind of getting a “2015 Ohio State” vibe with this year’s Clemson team. Tons of expectations rest on the shoulders of the Clemson players this season and they’ve underperformed in their first 2 games. Sure a win on the road at Auburn is nice but only beating Troy by 6 at home? Need to see a lot more out of the Tigers.

Next up: vs South Carolina State


7. Wisconsin

Didn’t have the Badgers ranked last week but I’m starting to like what I’m seeing out of Bart Houston. Plus it’s a QB named “Bart” playing football in Wisconsin. That’s gotta be worth a spot or two by itself. The Badgers have the best win among Big 10 teams and probably do deserve to be the highest ranked team in the Big 10, but I just can’t put them over OSU or Michigan.

They take on Georgia State on Saturday


6. Texas

With Clemson’s exile out of the top 5, Texas moves up a spot. They beat UTEP 41-7. Didn’t do anything spectacular this weekend but they took care of business.  They have an interesting late game at Cal on Saturday night before they start their Big 12 schedule.


5. Michigan

Has a team ever been dropped out of the top 10 altogether because their coach was caught on camera eating his boogers? Because that’s what I think should happen. If Jim eats anything else that comes out of his body next weekend I’m dropping Michigan indefinitely from any future rankings.

Michigan hosts Colorado on Saturday.



4. Ohio State

The Bucks honestly didn’t look too great in their win over Tulsa and still won by 45 points. The defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown yet and will have their hands full this coming Saturday vs. Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma. I’ve had this game circled for like two years so it’ll be VERY interesting to see what plays out in Norman.


3. Houston

The Cougs! Have them over Ohio State and Michigan because they have the more impressive win. If OSU can beat Oklahoma this weekend, they’ll jump Houston but for now the Cougars are #3.

Houston has a nice little challenge Thursday night when they travel to take on Cincinnati on ESPN.


2. Alabama

The fact that Nick Saban was about to murder Lane Kiffin on the sidelines while the Tide were 28 with under a minute left was almost enough to put Alabama in the top spot. They handily beat Western Kentucky and will take on Kent State next Saturday.


1.Florida State

They were my #1 team last week and did nothing over the weekend to change that. My Heisman darkhorse Deondre Francois had another nice game throwing for 262 yards and 3 TDs.

Huuuuuge game this weekend at AP #10 Louisville. Can the Seminoles stop Lamar Jackson and keep their top spot or will Louisville break into the top 10?

Dropped out: Georgia (only beat Nicholls by 2 at home), Stanford (didn’t play)



Heisman Top 5

5. Christian McCaffrey

Stanford didn’t play. According to, he’s the Heisman favorite at 3-1.


4. Deondre Francois

262 yards passing 3 TDs. Still unlisted right now. A big game vs. Louisville would do wonders for his campaign.


3. JT Barrett

149 yards passing & 55 yards rushing & 2 TDs. Listed at 6-1.


2. DeShone Kizer

156 yards passing 2 TDS & 35 yards rushing 1 TD. Listed at 30-1, up from 40-1 from last week. Riding the Kizer For Heisman bandwagon hard this season, get your bets in now.


1.Lamar Jackson

He did this.

And threw for 411 and 1 TD and also rushed for 199 yards and 4 TDs. He’s played shit competition but there’s no denying he’s the favorite right now.


Got a GREAT slate of games this weekend:

Florida State @ Louisville, Michigan State @ Notre Dame, Alabama @ Ole Miss, Ohio State @ Oklahoma… Games that will definitely impact the top 10. Much better than what we got last weekend.

Go Bucks.


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