High school kid from Marion, OH is refusing to do homework because the Ten Commandments aren’t displayed

From the Marion Star

According to a release from city schools, the district removed the plaque “after watching other Ohio school districts face legal challenges to their decision to keep the Ten Commandments posted.”

Freshman Anthony Miller is protesting the decision this week: He is attending classes, but not actively participating or doing his homework.

“I don’t care about my grades right now,” he said.

“I told the principal, until there is an agreement reached, I will not participate in any Harding-related activities, any Marion City Schools-related activities. Sports, choir, classes, whatever. I won’t even wear my Harding Marching Band shirt.”

Principal Kirk Koennecke made the decision to take the plaque down, Superintendent Gary Barber said.

Barber said the school had several people question the decision to have the Ten Commandments up in a public school, even though the plaque was a gift.


I wanted to bash this kid so bad for being a try-hard, look-at-me dork who represents our youth but I just can’t. I love his moxie. I love his motives. I love his attitude. You bet your ass if I was in the same class I wouldn’t be doing a lick of homework right alongside with him. “Um, sorry it’s my constitutional right that I can protest?”

So many people commented on this article all over the web saying things like “he’s a failure of our youth,” and saying “that generation is doomed.” Shut the fuck up. Just shut up. No one gives a shit about homework when you’re 15 anyway, this kid just found a legit loophole to get out of doing his. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Think back to when you were 15 and somehow you found a way to get out of doing homework, you’d be jumping at that opportunity no matter what it was. I WISH something like this happened back when I was in high school. I’d protest anything and everything to get out of doing actual school work.

And also just please spare me the whole “this kid is standing up for what is right and what he believes in!”  Umm no he’s not, he just doesn’t want to do that English essay or complete those math problems. Simple as that. The kid hates doing work and tricked everyone into thinking he’s some hero for standing up to the authority. I respect him for that.

Next thing you know kids all over the country are going to quit doing homework because they’re unhappy with something. This kid is setting a precedent.

“Hi Mr. Jones, I don’t like the way the school lunches are being prepared, I’m not going to do any geometry homework until this changes.”

“I waited at the traffic light in front of the school for too long this morning, I refuse to complete my assignments.”

Pretty soon homework is going to be obsolete with the way people are getting upset nowadays.

PS- People saying they’re “offended” by a Ten Commandments plaque are the worst type of fake outrage PC Police people on the planet.


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