Mishmash- Father and son use a bat to fight a guy; Subway employee electrocutes bugs over food; Bills Mafia is BACK

Cleveland pic of the day

The Bills Mafia is back and they haven’t missed a beat. Can’t wait to tailgate there when the Browns travel to Buffalo in December.

Conan made a spoof of the old iPod commercials about the stupid new wireless headphones

Here’s a Subway employee electrocuting bugs right over the food prep are. YUM!

Kim Kardashian took 6,000 selfies on vacation and that’s just preposterous

This is basically a vaping trick shot video and it’s pretty awesome

A father and son fought some guy with a baseball bat. The other guy kind of held his own though, right?

Here’s a dude streetluging and going 100+ mph

90’s song of the day

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