Comments of the Week: 9/19/16


During my daily peruse for content on, I sift through some of the comments and save a handful to share with you all once a week. So when you’re hungover and clinging to life on a Sunday (or Monday) morning, come on over to Bottlegate and let us talk you off the ledge.

COTW Archives

Browns center Cam Erving remains hospitalized with bruised lung, likely out at least a month



Hall of Famer Phil Niekro weighs in on ‘Pitch’ and the odds of a woman making it to the Majors



Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, see video of meteorologist Betsy Kling, others


Jim Brown statue: Exclusive look at the bronzing of a legend (photos, videos)





For the Cleveland Indians, it’s ‘next man up,’ and that means more of Mike Clevinger


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