Mishmash= UGA fan bashes head through window after TD; SEA fan pushes porta potty over w/Rams fan in it; Dbl cheeseburger pizza

Cleveland pic of the day

One of the hardest hockey hits I’ve ever seen

Look at Matt Stafford putting a little hit stick on the defender

Think this Georgia fan was a little excited?

Double cheeseburger deep dish style pizza looks pretty legit

I hate this this 4 year old is already better at golf than I am

A Seahawks fan pushed a port-a-potty over… and there was a Rams fan inside

LA Rams fans chant “Kobe” at LeBron because they have some sort of inferiority complex about LeBron being better than Kobe

Don’t let the Browns game make you forget that this happened Saturday night

90’s song of the day

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