A collection of 2016 Cleveland Indians World Series hype videos

Hype videos obviously aren’t the best part about one of your teams making the playoffs in their sport. Obviously.

But they’re kinda close.

After Mike put more blood sweat and Bud Light into Bottlegate’s Cavs Finals hype video than anything else we’ve ever done on the site, we decided to leave the Tribe in the hands of the people.

They delivered.

Does a great job of recapping the playoff run so far. Also there’s a lot of Hammy. From the same guys that brought you the Indians playoff hype video before the ALDS started.

Same guys, this time with the Cubbies included.

A little wider breadth of clips in this one, from Sandy’s homer in Game 4 of the 1997 ALCS to Frankie’s first major league hit to regular season games from this year all the way to the ALCS. I also like the song choice a little better than the first video that had me feeling like I was back listening to Kiley & Booms.

Little more about the city & Cavs in this one, behind some heavy guitar that’ll get the blood flowing. Some cool 90’s Indians crossovers with Frankie/Omar and Napoli/Thome too.

At first I thought the music choice was curious but then I remembered you could play three minutes of Indians clips over Jim Carrey doing the most annoying sound in the world in Dumb & Dumber and I’d still eat it up. Lots of Miller Time in this one.

Short and sweet here. Great song choice, all substance and no fluff clips, and Jake fucking Taylor. Outstanding.

A World Series hype video featuring Gio Urshela multiple times? Sure, what the hell. Fire it up.

All playoff clips here, other than that gut-wrenching single up the middle from 1997. Appreciate them working in Jose Bautista aimlessly crashing into the outfield wall in this one.

Similar to the previous video but replace ’97 with Delmon Young taking Danny Salazar to the fricking moon in the 2013 Wild Card game.

Send any other videos over to @Bottlegate and we’ll get em’ up here.




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