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Mishmash- 2 dads fight at a soccer game; RG3 front flips on vacation; All Pixar movies are connected 

Cleveland pic of the day

Nothing better than watching your kids play soccer and then pulling a Randy Marsh and fighting with other dads

Apparently all Pixar movies are connected

RG3 is doing front flips on vacation in Bora Bora

A shark gets caught in Florida and does a couple backflips (watch on mute because the guys are really annoying)

This 9 year old girl is going viral for boxing trees

Pretty cool video of The Rock surprising a veteran with a Ford Mustang

I like this rugby guy’s postgame interview

90’s song of the day


Mishmash- LeBron Jr is a problem on the hardwood; Guy breaks his back deadlifting; Waka Flocka wipes his butt w/Trump jersey 

Cleveland pic of the day

LeBron Jr looks like he may be a problem on the hardwood

The Internet says that this guy broke his back doing this deadlift… And now I will never do another deadlift again

200,000 sparklers at once? 200,000 sparklers at once.

Ah, the ol’ backflip, land on your feet, then do a between the legs dunk off your vertical

Marshawn Lynch is casually popping wheelies and almost getting hit by buses in Scotland

Waka Flocka wiped his butt with a Trump jersey while he was performing. So there’s that.

90’s song of the day

Mishmash- Naked & high woman steals cop cruiser and leads police on chase; Little league pep talk is a little overboard; Snowboarder in avalanche 

Cleveland pic of the day

There was a giant alligator seen just roaming through Florida

Damn bandwagon fans

Penn College coach catches an errant pass on the sideline and casually nails a 3

A very high and very naked woman stole a police cruiser and led cops on a high speed chase

Seems like a little much for a little league baseball pep talk

Here’s a snowboarder in an avalanche

90’s song of the day