True Detective Reddit Recap: S2 E6 “Church in Ruins”


Episode 1: The Western Book of the Dead

Episode 2: Night Finds You

Episode 3: Maybe Tomorrow

Episode 4: Down Will Come

Episode 5: Other Lives

Sex, drugs and rock & roll. Other than the fact that we didn’t get no Rachel McAdams T from Nic P at the party, thought it was another above average ep. If you watch it for what it is and stop trying to compare it to Season 1, you’d be amazed how much more enjoyable it is. Let’s get to it.


  • I’ve read good things and I’ve read bad things about the music selection during Ani’s party trip and the boys playtime outside. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed it. Kind of like how Nic focused on making the language in Frank’s dialogue as absurd as possible to illustrate his (maybe overly ambitions) attempt to go legit, the party and infiltration scene from start to finish seemed to be another tongue-in-cheek exaggeration. It did it for me. The corny bad guy dialogue between Osip and McCandless in the office, the methodical ascent up the premises by James Bond I mean Paul, how he happened to be waiting right at the door Ani busted out of even though I’m pretty sure he never ended up getting a visual on her and it looked like that door was a completely random exit strategy, Paul’s “Go!” exclamation once inside the car and the overly badass music that played them out as Ray Tokyo’d and ripped off into the moonlight. I loved every second of it. The drugs and hallucinations, along with the phantasmagorical (suck it Frank) atmosphere of the party in general made it feel like it was all sort of a dream for Ani and that carried over in the actions of Paul and Ray. And with the help of the music, I thought it definitely worked. Here’s the badass song that played at the end and that also plays in my head whenever I walk into a meeting now:

  • Things moved pretty fast once Ani started feeling them drugs and you might not have caught every familiar face she saw in the party, so real quick…

Frank’s guy that’s working behind his back (Blake) and Masuka from Dexter (former AG running for governor, Geldof)

McCandless (Catalyst dude that met with Osip in the office, also who Frank is trying to find the hard drive for, ALSO this is probably his house since he had a personal office), Osip (Russian who was supposed to go halfsies with Ray on the land deal before Caspere’s murder), Holloway (Chief of Vinci PD) and Tony Chessani (mayor’s son)

(images & summaries /u/MAYORDADA)

  •  Another week, another pat on the back for Colin Farrell and his acting. Regardless of how you feel about this season in general, there’s absolutely no denying the fact that Farrell is crushing it. This week it was his standoff with Frank, supervised chill sesh with his detached son, subsequent takedown of lines the size of Manute Bol’s index finger and his concession of custody to his ex wife. All were done extremely well.


Also the casting of and job that the kid that plays Chad has done have both been right on the money. Every scene with him and Ray is so goddamn uncomfortable and I love it.

  • “Full Moon is the best time to ratify alliances.” I missed the phrasing of this line live but you have to believe the way Full Moon is used as a proper noun there is intentional. The line was delivered by McCandless so it’s not like it was Osip’s Russian ass accidentally leaving out an “a” at the beginning of the sentence. It sounds like he’s referring to either the party that night or the group itself as Full Moon. It also showed up elsewhere, both last night and at other points this season:
    • As the gang drives away at the end of the episode
    • During the opening credits I’m pretty sure the last thing that’s shown is an eclipse
    • Frank and the Mexicans also “ratified an alliance” that night
    • The ticket to one of the parties


  • Nice look at potential Birdman candidates from /u/Dr__Nick


  • I wrote a blurb a few episodes back about how calm Paul seemed to be in contrast to the other characters during the shootout with the pimps. While this episode’s ending was less chaotic (for him at least) and a little less tense I’d say, you saw that same look of serenity in his eyes as he and Ray bounced around the compound. His movements were smooth and he seemed to be leading Ray, not to mention the fact that he was the one who picked the lock on the window and went inside McCandless’ office to search his desk. I don’t hear an awful lot about Kitch’s performance in TD and I feel like that isn’t right. Paul is a pretty difficult character to take on and it’s little things like this (his mannerisms during every day life vs during a mission) that make me feel like he’s doing a pretty damn good job with it.
  • This link between the diamonds and a jewelry store heist during the LA riots in 1992 threw me for a big ol loop. Paul goes and chats with an old cop that worked the case & he seems pretty messed up from it. Specifically he talks about the two kids of the jewelers who watched their parents get executed right in front of them. They ended up in the system as orphans. Lots of ideas swirling around about the two orphans being Mayor Chessani’s kids. Why would he adopt them? Maybe out of guilt since it seems like he was involved in killing their parents? Or more likely so that he could keep them under his own roof in case they ever “remembered” anything about that day. Opponents of this theory are quick to point out that his daughter talks about her mother and how the Mayor sent her to Pitlor’s palace where she later killed herself. My rebuttal to that would be a) a kid that is adopted so young obviously grows up calling her adoptive mother “mom” and b) them being so young and witnessing a tragedy like that,  I don’t think it’s out of the question at all that they could have psychiatric damage to the point where she may have shoved that event so far into the back of her memory that it’s like it doesn’t even exist at all.


  • So Ani was molested as a kid during one of her father’s weird hippie retreats huh. I’m thinking the culprit is just some rando and doesn’t really play a bigger part (no, it’s not a younger version of her dad) but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

Reddit Theories:


And, oh yeah, looks like the finale is 87 minutes long. 🙂

“Hey Ray, you finish your part for our group project for school?”


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