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We’re Selling “A Swig And A Drive” Beer Koozies Just In Time For The Tribe’s Postseason Run

OooYes the rumors are true. We have beer koozies just in time for the start of the Tribe’s ALDS games.




Get it?

Here’s how we’re going to sell them:

  • Each koozie will be $5. If you buy 6, they’ll be $25.
  • We’re packaging and mailing everything ourselves so there will be no shipping & handling fee and no tax


  • Payments will ONLY be accepted through Venmo or Paypal

So here’s what you need to do:

-Email Bottlegatecle@gmail.com with your shipping address and how many koozies you’d like to buy.

-Once we get your order confirmed, packed, and ready to ship, we’ll contact you and you’ll then Venmo or Paypal over your payment to the username provided. No orders will be shipped without your payment.

And that’s it. Simple.

We’re doing this a little old fashioned but it couldn’t be easier on your end.

If you don’t have Venmo, download it here. It’s a gamechanger.


The Indians Won Their First Division Title Since 2007 Last Night And The Locker Room Celebration Was Wild

The Indians clinched their first division title last night since 2007. It would have been great to clinch at home yesterday but clinching in Detroit was pretty pretty sweet too. ¬†The locker room after was a damn party, but you guys knew it would be. Let’s do a little recap.

The bash started off with a nice little “Fuck Paul Hoynes” chant. Seemed all in good fun though

You guys know where the party is at

“We’re gonna party and we’re gonna enjoy it and we’re gonna party and we’re gonna enjoy it again”

Tito was absolutely lit last night

A common theme of the night was to pour a gallon of beer on whoever was getting interviewed

Jose said some stuff

“It hurts so good. Uh, I wish we would’ve lost”

I would have paid good money to be apart of this celebration

Double fist Stone Cold style. Hopefully we see Kip go full on Kevin Love and just drench himself in beer… but that’ll be for a celebration down the road

“Souvenir City”

Underwood- “AH, SHIT”

Don’t know what this is or what they’re saying but I want in


The party went all through the night and ended with Kip taking a little nap in a Detroit hotel hallway. Who knows, they might still be partying in Greektown right now.

If they actually fell asleep last night, the players are probably waking up right now to the best headache they’ve had in their lives.

I say we do this whole celebration thing again in a couple weeks.

Cover pic via Tribe Vibe

Tailgating Browns Fan Smashes Beer Against His Head Then Proceeds To Chug It

People wonder why us Browns fans tailgate so hard and drink as much as we do. Did you see the game yesterday? Have you seen the games since 1999? Sometimes you just have to be like this dude and concuss yourself while getting blackout drunk to be able to make it through another football season in Cleveland. I’m really digging the cut of this dude’s jib. Big fan of his panache.