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Cleveland Indians 2016 Playoffs Hype Video

Big tip of the hat to Reddit user /u/JoeCatulloJr (@Joecatullojr) for putting this puppy together. Did a great job of breaking down before building back up. I was SMHing all over the goddamn place the first minute of the video, then a beautiful angel in a Yankees jersey appeared. The abrupt cut to black after the clinching clip was well done too Рgives you that feeling of unfinished business.

I’m sure we’ll be getting a ton of these popping up as we get closer to the ALDS and this one certainly got us started off on the right foot. Shoot any videos you make or see elsewhere over to us at @Bottlegate or bottlegatecle@gmail.com.


The Indians Won Their First Division Title Since 2007 Last Night And The Locker Room Celebration Was Wild

The Indians clinched their first division title last night since 2007. It would have been great to clinch at home yesterday but clinching in Detroit was pretty pretty sweet too. ¬†The locker room after was a damn party, but you guys knew it would be. Let’s do a little recap.

The bash started off with a nice little “Fuck Paul Hoynes” chant. Seemed all in good fun though

You guys know where the party is at

“We’re gonna party and we’re gonna enjoy it and we’re gonna party and we’re gonna enjoy it again”

Tito was absolutely lit last night

A common theme of the night was to pour a gallon of beer on whoever was getting interviewed

Jose said some stuff

“It hurts so good. Uh, I wish we would’ve lost”

I would have paid good money to be apart of this celebration

Double fist Stone Cold style. Hopefully we see Kip go full on Kevin Love and just drench himself in beer… but that’ll be for a celebration down the road

“Souvenir City”

Underwood- “AH, SHIT”

Don’t know what this is or what they’re saying but I want in


The party went all through the night and ended with Kip taking a little nap in a Detroit hotel hallway. Who knows, they might still be partying in Greektown right now.

If they actually fell asleep last night, the players are probably waking up right now to the best headache they’ve had in their lives.

I say we do this whole celebration thing again in a couple weeks.

Cover pic via Tribe Vibe

The rich get richer: Max Scherzer to Washington, 7 years $210 million



Not a bad way to kick your week off, eh Max?

The contract he signed on Monday was the second-highest for a starting pitcher in baseball history, behind Clayton Kershaw’s 7 year, $215 million dollar Dodger deal. I don’t care about the fact that it’s really not $210 million when you take inflation into account…that’s a whole f*** ton of dough. The guy is going to be getting $15 million dollars a year from the Nationals until¬†2028.

Buster Olney had the Nationals at the very top of his list of best rotations in the bigs a¬†week ago, before they signed the 2013 AL Cy Young winner.¬†On paper this is probably the best rotation we’ve seen since the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies (Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hames & Roy Oswalt). Even if they do end up dealing either Stephen Strasburg or Jordan Zimmermann like they’ve been rumored to be trying to do, they’re gonna be a really unenjoyable bunch to hit against.

Believe it or not, the Indians have had some decent success against Scherzer in the past three years. He’s 5-1 with a 4.06 ERA and a .243 BAA against the featherheads since 2012. Not bad at all, but not up to his recent standards. And he’s one of those guys who can rip off a complete game shutout on any given night. Plus he beats up on the rest of the division. Good riddance! – The AL Central.

How does this affect the market for James Shields? Probably not that much. Shields older so he was never going to sniff the 7 year deal Scherzer got. The consensus seems to still be a 4 year deal worth around $70-$80 mil.¬†There have been some whispers that the Indians have a deal on the table for Big Game James. Would it be cool? Of course. But I’m happy with where our rotation is now, and I don’t know if the anti-Swisher/Bourn-contract fans could handle another big deal for someone on the wrong side of 30.

PS That list of top rotations from Buster Olney? Indians at 10. He also did a top ten for bullpens and lineups. Indians at 10 and 9 respectively. But what does he know?