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Johnny Manziel mouthed the words “I would’ve f*cking hit him” after Hoyer had his 19th overthrow of the game



I’m no lip reader but the fine inhabitants all over the great Internet seem to be sure that Johnny Manziel 100% mouthed the words “I would’ve fucking hit him” in reference to Brian Hoyer overthrowing Josh Gordon for a sure touchdown.

I think he’s saying “I have no fucking idea” more than “I would’ve fucking hit him”

I’m sure every esteemed member in Cleveland sports media will pull the ol’ “Johnny should be a better teammate, he shouldn’t be mouthing swear words on the sidelines. Grow up. How dare him?!”

Do you really disagree with Johnny here? I’m a former very average high school quarterback, I would’ve fucking hit him too. If you were keeping score at home, that was Hoyer’s second deep pass that he overthrew that would have been a guaranteed six points. Can’t miss opportunities like that in the NFL if you’re a starting quarterback.

The Hoyer experiment is officially over, it’s time for the rook to get us back into this thing. Hopefully it’s not too late.

PS- 100% of all the lip readings of NFL players and coaches are always right



GIFs via The Big Lead comment section

Browns v Titans Monday Game Tape

4 games played. 4 games decided by a TOTAL of 8 points. Could be 4-0, could easily be 0-4. I have no idea what to think of this team, all I know is that the second half of yesterday’s game was FUN. Being down 25 points to coming back and winning by 1. The largest comeback by a road team in the history in the NFL… The Music City Miracle Pt. 2?  I have a feeling it’s going to be like this all season so I think it’s time to invest in some heart medicine. What’s a good brand? …And to think I was tweeting about how I wanted Johnny Manziel to play in the second half and that Travis Benjamin sucks. Whoops! Nailed that one. Let’s look at the tape.




Regular Season Game 4: Browns vs Titans

Even though he had a pretty underwhelming game, can you imagine trying to tackle Isaiah Crowell? No freaking thanks.

Under the circumstances (coming off a bye, playing the Titans) the 1st half was… the worst display of Browns football I’ve seen

Kyle Shanahan was not impressed

I like these two

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Hey Jake Locker, this is football. You don’t play it in a dress. Man up, dude.

GIF: Jake Locker took a nasty shot to the head in the end zone from Browns Christian Kirksey

(Def. a cheap shot, whatever. Not my team not my problem)

This led to some fights and lil Nate Washington trying to fight Phil Taylor. Now Nate, let me sit you down for a second. I admit I’m not the smartest man alive, but when you’re a 6’1 175 lb wide receiver you may not want to pick a fight with Phil Taylor. But what do I know?

Jim Dray provided the only TD of the first half

Regular Season Game 4: Browns vs Titans

So we went into the half down by 18

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But then the third quarter got prettttty interesting

And it started with this muffed punt that turned out not to be a muffed punt

Love our fans

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How this wasn’t pass interference is mind boggling

Definitely thought the game was over at this point

And I think Mike Pettine thought the same thing. Language, coach! There’s families!

Turning point in the game. Tank Carder- not good at Twitter, good at blocking punts

Ms. Johnny’s sister, just relax and be patient

Then some no name asshole tried taking out the best O lineman in the league, Joe Thomas

Hoyer showed there’s more than 1 QB who can improvise

The fans that made the trip down were great

Chaz Whitehurst tried the most pathetic QB sneak of all time. Ken Whisenhunt challenged it like an idiot and lost. Thank God we didn’t hire that guy!

So the Browns took over and Hoyer marched it right down their Titan throats

Regular Season Game 4: Browns vs Titans

I think this is where I stopped breathing for a little bit

Good thing Clipboard Jesus is accurate downfield


A couple plays later the clock ran out and your Cleveland Browns got to 2-2

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Man! #2014 #CadiacKids #WeTooLive

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Game balls- Taylor Gabriel, Brian Hoyer, Ben Tate, Armonty Bryant, K’Waun Williams, Billy Cundiff

2-2 sounds SO MUCH better than 1-3. I think I love this team? When everything is stacked against them, they refuse to fold and refuse to die. I don’t know if that’s a sign of good coaching or a sign of good veteran leadership in the locker room. Either way this year just feels different, ya know? Now let’s get ready for Pittsburgh and get on a little winning streak here.

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PS- If you’re not reading the Bottlegate game previews then I guess you don’t like money


Brian Hoyer; Clutch Quarterback & best dancer alive

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Man! #2014 #CadiacKids #WeTooLive

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Down 28-10 at half, come back and win 29-28. This dance is well deserved. Break it down, Brian! Break it down. Now I’m not the worst dancer alive…. but Brian Hoyer puts my moves TO SHAME. I’ve never seen a Lil Jon song danced to like this. Forget the shmoney, forget the nae nae, this is the Hoyer Hoe Down. Awesome.


Monday Game Tapes are so much more fun to do after a Browns win. Click here to relive Sunday’s game.