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Quick Recap of LeBron’s interview with CNN

Lebron sat down with Rachel Nichols and gave one of his first on air interviews since he announced his decision to come back to Cleveland. The full version airs tomorrow on CNN. A couple things from this excerpt:

-LeBron has matured SO MUCH from when he went to Miami in 2010. He found out how hard it is to win and this time isn’t promising championships. I love that move even though he’s playing with a better overall team than he had in Miami. Underpromise and overdeliver. Thats a little Sales 101 for you here at Bottlegate.

– His hairline looks FANTASTIC. I’ll have whatever you’re having, dude.

– LeBron basically says that he would’ve stayed in Miami had the Heat beaten the Spurs in the NBA Finals and won back-to-back-to-back championships.

-Think about this for a second. What happens if the air conditioning in San Antonio doesn’t go out during game 1 of the finals?  Imagine if Lebron never cramps up and it’s a whole different ballgame. Imagine if Miami wins that game and then goes on to win the whole series…. Just think about that. The whole NBA landscape is drastically different because of a faulty AT&T Arena air conditioning system. If that air conditioner just works like its supposed to Lebron never comes home; Kevin Love isn’t traded to the Cavs; the Heat probably sign another big name free agent; and Cleveland is stuck watching Anthony Bennett miss wide open layups. Holy shit.

-No carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no refined sugar…. this is literally my worst nightmare ever. I can’t even.

-I never pegged LeBron as a pancake guy. Such an overrated, boring food.

– “Are you quicker on the court now?”

   “I am. I am. And that’s not such a good thing for the competition.”

– OH. FUCK. YES. Can’t wait till October 30th.

– Check out Bottlegate tomorrow for coverage of the Cavs media day

The new NBA 2K15 intro for the Cavs is out and it kind of sucks

Meh. 5/10. Zero excitement after watching that. Where was Ahmad? Where was the music and fire blowing out of the Q’s scoreboard? No bellowing “From Akron St. Vincent St. Mary High School?” No player handshakes? By far the only good part is hearing Kyrie,  Kevin Love, and Lebron’s names in the same player intros together. The tone of this made it seem like it was 2010/2011 and the Cavs were losing 26 straight and trotting out Ryan Hollins, Antawn Jamison, Ramon Sessions, Alonzo Gee, and Anthony Parker onto the floor. Wow. That almost hurt to type.

See, Ahmad agrees:

However, the other 2K trailer that’s out there makes everything better:

Hey Luke Ridnour, man’s game, bitch.

Cavs make Kevin Love trade official


Ever since the news broke about the deal involving Kevin Love and the Cavs, I’m sure myself along with every other Cleveland fan had the same thought: “What will go wrong that doesn’t allow this trade to happen?” Well after waiting and waiting, Kevin Love is officially your newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So in hindsight the Cavs traded 2 relatively unknown commodities in Wiggins and Bennett and a future draft pick for the best power forward in the NBA. Is that bad? Did we break it?

I’m just picturing Love ripping down a defensive rebound and throwing one of his patented long outlet passes to a sprinting Kyrie Irving. Kyrie takes three steps inside the halfcourt line and throws an alley oop to some guy named Lebron James who throws down a monstrous two handed dunk in front of 20,562 deranged, screaming fans. This takes all of 2.6 seconds. And will happen over and over and over again.  Holy shit I’m dizzy.

Serious question though. Where do you start and end the parade? Maybe start on East 9th, go up Euclid, weave around and end at the Q? Thats probably the best route, right?