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Full Video Of The Guy Falling Off A Wall In The Pit After A Browns Game. Whoops!


Quick backstory: After the Browns lost to the Raiders earlier this season, this rascal here decided to climb this wall at The Pit (the other tailgating spot for Browns games). Why he decided to climb this wall is a question that will never be answered.

I’ve been waiting FOREVER for the full video to come out because all of the other ones out there ended right before he fell.  Seeing the original video without the fall was like watching the movie Seven and not finding out what’s in the box; like a 3 course meal ending after the entree; like sex with no orgasm. It just felt incomplete. As an audience we needed to see that fall. We needed to see our boy drunkenly climb those rocks and gracefully do an accidental swan dive onto pavement. Man, that was awesome. He survived. Luckily, the concrete broke his fall.

h/t Cleveland Scene

Josh McCown Ran Into A Wall And Fell.

Man down! We got a man down! Who put that damn wall there?!

Hey Josh, way to get out of bounds, now don’t run into that… eh… you alright?

At least he didn’t headbutt the wall like Gus Frerotte so we’ve got that going for us!

And at least he didn’t helicopter.

Never a dull moment with ol’ 13 Gauge.

Here’s a little remix for ya courtesy of Miley Cyrus


JR Smith Crossed Up Paul George And Made Him Fall On His Ass

Do it to ’em, Earl!! JR Smith continued his run as the best preseason basketball player ever last night when he crossed up Paul George in the Cavs loss to the Pacers. Pretty sure the Cavs are going to go winless this preseason but whatever. If JR is eating cotton candy, making halfcourt shots, or murdering dudes ankles, then that’s worth the price of admission.

Being that this is Paul George, I bet Pacers fans everywhere pooped their pants when he fell down. Good thing he’s still alive and able to walk.

But seriously. Hey Paul, how’s that transition to power forward going?


God I hope I never get crossed like that on a basketball court. My worst fear, really.