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The Indians Are Inviting Pokemon GO Players Before Friday’s Game


Screw doing the 999 challenge and killing the inside of my body, I’ll be attending the Indians game Friday to catch em all. What I need to know though is if this is worth the price of admission. If they’re dropping Lures around the park I need to know if there’ll be some good ‘mon running around and not a fucking CP 22 Rattata or 10 Pidgey. There’s nothing worse than going out on a hunt and only seeing shitty Pokemon and having to waste Pokeballs on a Metapod. I’m at level 21 (not to brag) and I don’t want to wrestle a crowd for a few Caterpies and Drowzees. Hopefully a few rare Pokemon make some appearances. 

So when we make our way over to Progressive Field on Friday we’ll have to pack a few Lucky Eggs, light up some Incense, and prepare to add to our Pokedex while eating dollar dogs and drinking beers. Sounds like a helluva night to me.