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The Summer of 12 Gauge Continues: Here he is tossing some kid in a pool with some nice WWE moves

Bah God that’s Cardale’s music!


12 Gauge being 12 Gauge.

Whether he’s owning trolls on Twitter, hitting on the baddest chick in the world, or tossing children like ragdolls into a pool, it truly is the Summer of Cardale.

Some advice- No more running and quick movements on wet concrete. Don’t want to end up like this guy:

Well well well. It looks like Kevin Love and LeBron were spotted hanging out at a pool together

Well well well. So about all that “LeBron said he won’t recruit Kevin Love” noise from earlier this week, huh? Don’t know where this pic was taken but to me it looks like LeBron and K-Love are chillin, smokin stogies, and talking about how they’re going to win it all next season.

Eat shit, Los Angeles.