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Cardale Jones Is Literally A T-Shirt Cannon At Cavs Games

If this whole NFL quarterback thing doesn’t work out, Cardale has a bright future as a live t-shirt cannon for sporting events. Even the schmucks in Loudville have a chance to catch one if he’s out there slinging tees into the crowd during timeouts.

I always laugh at the t-shirt tossers that can’t throw well and barely make it to the sixth row. Well, thankfully with Cardale we don’t have to worry about any weak throws.

I don’t want more Cardale during Cavs playoff games, I NEED more Cardale. Remember how fun he was last year?

Here’s to hoping that wherever Cardale goes in next week’s NFL Draft, he’ll still be attending Cavs games.

JT Barrett arrested for OVI early Saturday morning

From elevenwarriors.com:

“According to two sources within the Columbus Police Department, Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while impaired (OVI) early Saturday morning near campus.

Barrett, 20, was arrested near High and Tompkins, just north of Campus after policed noticed the player attempt to avoid an OVI checkpoint in the area. Per CPD sources, Barrett was cooperative and blew into a breathalyzer, registering slightly over Ohio’s legal limit of 0.08 blood-alcohol concentration.

The quarterback was released to his teammate, fellow quarterback Cardale Jones, who provided Barrett a ride home.”

WELP! That’s nice to wake up to on a Saturday morning. File this under “things I didn’t think would ever happen in one million years.” If you told me a player from one of my teams got a DUI and gave me 100 guesses, I don’t think I’d say  JT if you gave me an additional 100. All you hear about is his this kid’s character and leadership abilities, hence being named one of the 6 captains on Ohio State as a sophomore. Then he’s finally named QB1 before last week’s 49-7 drubbing of Rutgers and BAM! DUI. Woof.

We’ll see how this plays out, but apparently Barrett could be suspended for two weeks under Ohio State’s student-athlete drug and alcohol program. That’d put him out for the Minnesota and Illinois games, and firmly behind Cardale heading into the Michigan State game.

Happy Saturday guys!

UPDATE: Barrett has already been suspended for the Minnesota game. That was quick.


Cardale Jones Was Rushed To The ER Last Night For Migraines

Pics posted by Cardale’s brother and sister to Facebook last night that have since been deleted:



If you were glued to your phone last night and refreshing Twitter every 5 seconds like I was, then you’re probably aware that Cardale Jones was taken to the hospital last night for what is hopefully just a migraine. According to Eleven Warriors, it was just that.

Cardale’s mom also said he should be fine

Migraines are nothing to sneeze at either. Just ask Scottie Pippen about that one. Hopefully Cardale can heal up in time for Virginia Tech and this migraine doesn’t become anything more serious.

Phew. Man, this season can’t start fast enough.

Has it been confirmed yet that Cardale didn’t hit his head while rolling around with Ronda Rousey? That’s my theory. You heard it here first, folks.