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Awesome Video: German Sheperd Has A Go Pro Strapped To Its Head During A Puppy Pool Party

How this video only has 3,500 views is beyond me. When you combine dogs, Go Pros, and puppy pool parties, you’re sitting on an Internet goldmine. People go apeshit for this kind of stuff. It’s what the world wide web was invented for.

The cool part is that it was filmed at a Lakewood park for their end of summer doggy swim. Look at all the pups swimming there having the time of their lives! You can bet your ass I’ll be there next year with my dog.

h/t Cleveland Scene

(Video) Adorable Golden Retriever puppies swim for the first time

See, we’re not all Cleveland sports all the time. It’s February 23rd and about 1 degree outside here in sunny Northeast Ohio. Everyone is beaten down by combine and logo talk. People are freaking the fuck out because a girl from Fox 8 had a slip of the tongue. Sometimes you just need a video of some adorable yellow lab puppies learning to swim for the first time to pick you up on a Monday morning.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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