“The Ballad of Brian Hoyer” is just another reason why America laughs at Cleveland

I know I’m probably overreacting here a little bit but I absolutely hate this so much. The song… the song is OK (I laughed at the end) but the general idea of the song and what it stands for is something that I just can’t get behind. See, this is why people make fun of Cleveland. Your quarterback wins 1 game, 1 FUCKING GAME; and the general Cleveland population shits their pants, proclaims him a savior, and suddenly there are actual real life songs written about him. Look, I like Brian Hoyer and want him to go 15-1, win league MVP, and win us a Super Bowl. But there are 24 other NFL teams who have won a game this season. 75% of the league. How many of those teams had songs written about their quarterback after their first win this season? You think New England fans wrote a tribute to Tom Brady after he beat the Vikings last Sunday? You think the cheeseheads from Green Bay wrote a folk song honoring the greatness of Aaron Rodgers? No. They didn’t. Because they know how to handle football success. Let’s act like we’ve been there before. I’m sick of being a laughingstock around the league.

PS- If this was a song about Johnny Manziel I’d totally be telling you about how good the harmony sounds and that it should be up for Record of the Year at the Grammys.

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