There was an illiterate chicken at last night’s Indians game

(Now THAT is how you write a headline)

Mathmatically. Nailed it!


I sat right behind this little guy at the game last night and I HATED him at first. The more the game got going though I couldn’t help but respect the hustle out of Foghorn Leghorn here. He heckled every single one of the Royals batters and pitchers. EVERY one. The whole game. And he never tuckered himself out. Love the enthusiasm from Chicken Little for a team with like a 4.3% chance of making the playoffs. While his heckling wasn’t exactly the best (too PG and cliche) the Royals could hear every word he said and he undoubtedly got into their heads. Along with getting all sorts of run on TV and social media the guy also got autographs from Cody Allen and Corey Kluber delivered to him. Guess what the autographs were on? Yep, they autographed parts of the original #RallyChicken costume and gave it to the guy. Unreal.


Corey Kluber autographed this.

Not a bad day at the ballpark when you get on TV and get a signed chicken claw from the eventual Cy Young winner. Guarantee that’s one of one in the world and might be worth some money one day.

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