Asshole Ravens fan goes into the Dawg Pound and taunts Browns fans

Horrible look for the city of Cleveland and Browns fans right here. It’s one thing to coexist with opposing team’s fans and have some good natured back and forth jabs with each other… but it’s a totally different thing when an opposing fan comes into your stadium, taunts the home crowd, taunts the DAWG POUND, basically pisses right in your eyeball… and not one single fan does anything about it.

Are Browns fans becoming soft? Think this shit would fly in Oakland’s black hole? Think Philly fans would have just laughed it off? You know what I blame for the lack of retaliation here? Social Media. Everyone was probably ‘Gramming, Facebooking, or Vining this asshole the entire game. “Look at this Ravens fan, what a douche!” Say someone were to lay one finger on him. The next thing you know that someone is a YouTube sensation and dubbed the “most villainous man in America.” Gloria Allred is holding emergency press conferences for the victim in this “heinous crime.” Next thing you know the judge is throwing the book at the suspect and he’s getting ten years for attempted murder. All because some opposing fan thought they’d be cute and try to taunt the Dawg Pound.

I long for the days when someone could take a swing on an opposing fan and not everyone is standing around holding their iPhones while giggling and shouting “Worldstar!” If this were the 1980’s version of the Dawg Pound I’d bet my life some drunk Northeast Ohioan would’ve pulled a Leonidas and shouted “This is Cleveland” while kicking the opposing fan down the aisle. People would cheer. Fans would applaud. Girls would be smitten. Men would be filled with envy. That act of valor instantly becomes stuff of Cleveland lore. That’s the world I want to live in.

This guy stole the show

**BTW Bottlegate does not condone stadium violence so don’t sue us plz.

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